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Last week I posted a really personal video..   I was really nervous to put it out there just because I was scared people would think of me as weak, emotionally unstable or event better “such a dramatic girllllll”

Well if someone thinks that — that is okay but I can honestly say I’m sitting here one week later and I’m glad I was honest.  It felt like I ripped a bandaid off and was met with a small form of closure.

Over the week I connected with long lost friends and new friends who felt the need to reach out, spread love and share their life changing stories with me… reassuring me that I was not alone.

One old friend reached out letting me know that he is in the same situation but hasn’t been able to get out of bed for months but then after watching my “bull headed ways” he decided it was time to take life by the horns!!  (honestly…that alone was worth it.)  So, I could worry about what people think but quite frankly all that matters is that souls are healed in the process.

I shot a video so I could say thank you in my own words…

After this experience I’ve realized how important it is to really love your neighbours.   I also understand not everyone has a support system so I want you to know I’m here for you.   I realized being alone is the worst and having people around you who actually care actually makes a difference.

Feel free to message me anytime because at the end of the day life is all about spreading love, nurturing one another and building something together that is bigger then we could have ever done alone.

Rach xo


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  1. To Rachel well I’m glad you feel better and I’m glad that you have friends to support you and I just wanted to say that I hope you find a job and a better boyfriend BTW I think you can do better. Well just wanted to say that you feel better take care bye

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