The perfect personalized gift for a sneaker-head!


The best gifts are always personal right?  Well, what gift is practical, not super mushy and personalized all at the same time??  How about PERSONALIZED SNEAKERS!!


So my little sister is THE BEST gift buyer and she showed me this thing called NikeID.  It’s the store on the site that allows you to customize Nike runners!

I have a friend with size 15 feet …This was a perfect solution to finding the perfect gift for him because not only do guys hate shoe shopping…finding a size 15 shoe ain’t easy!!


So I went on the NikeID website and started my creation!  Now was is literally incredible…I could pick which type of shoe I wanted to buy based on the type of activity it would be used for (running, weight lifting, walking, skateboarding etc) then I could customize the width, size, colors, patterns, reflectiveness, customized tags literally every aspect…it’s NUTS!!     

image (20)



< This is what I built!






When my friend received them he was thrilled!  He couldn’t believe I customized everything including the TAG!!

The best part is the sneaker didn’t cost any more then a regular sneaker!  I paid less then $200 — which if you consider the average price for sneakers — that ain’t bad!!

So I highly recommend you trying this site out!  Especially if you’re a woman trying to find a great gift for a guy!  Save them the headache of shoe shopping and they will be happy!

The result: 


photo 2 (5) photo 1 (5) photo 3 (3) photo 4 (2) photo 5 (1)


TIP:  I had to go on the American site …So when they ask you what region you are in just click USA. 

Happy designing!!

Rachel xo

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