5 Of The Weirdest Languages To Say Hello In

Ever been traveling in a foreign country and wished you knew how to greet someone and say HI or HELLO in their native language. I sat down with world traveler Nadine Sykora from @HeyNadine and quizzed her on 20 of the world’s weirdest languages to say HELLO in to see how many she knew. How […]

My First Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania – The Superbowl of The WWE.  This year’s event took place in Santa Clara California at the Levi’s Stadium. Thousands of people travel far and wide to experience the epic event, while millions around the world gather around their TV’s. This year, I got to watch my man “Mr. Bad News Barrett” fight in a […]

What good is a $40.50 “Flight Cancelation Fee” if you have to pay over $200.00 to re-book?

Tickets for flights nowadays are so expensive.  I booked a flight to Tampa one month before my travel date.  It cost me $750 bucks! (and that was the cheapest they had!!)  So naturally, I wanted to buy some cancellation protection incase anything happened in between! So before checking out I tacked on Expedia‘s recommended “travel […]