Legalizing Weed in Canada, Vans Giveaway, Bad News For Snapchat… #WhattaWeek Episode 6

Welcome to episode 6 of #WhattaWeek – I’m back home in the SIX (for the sixth episode omg… whoa!!) So, This Happened: 1. Spinach leaf turned into human heart tissue! Research is still developing but damn spinach!  2. US Women’s Hockey Team reached an agreement and will play in the World Championships 3. United Airlines’ legging […]

The perfect personalized gift for a sneaker-head!

The best gifts are always personal right?  Well, what gift is practical, not super mushy and personalized all at the same time??  How about PERSONALIZED SNEAKERS!! So my little sister is THE BEST gift buyer and she showed me this thing called NikeID.  It’s the store on the site that allows you to customize […]