VIDEO: The Taste Test That Left Me GAGGING!!

Have you ever wanted to try Fettucine gummy bears, candied crystals or mix your own powdered ice cream for a snack? There are some interesting snacks out there-some good some bad, but they all made for an interesting taste test challenge with Dan and Riya.    

Impress your friends at a dinner party with this “Spaghetti Squash” recipe!

Spaghetti Squash has got to be one of the coolest foods on the planet!  Who would have thought that a vegetable could just pull apart into string-like spaghetti goodness once it’s baked!   So this particular spaghetti squash recipe makes me happy because… If you make this at a dinner party your guests eyes will […]

The best HEALTHY CHOCOLATE I’ve ever eaten!

  Say it ain’t so…but it’s true!  I found a “healthier alternative” to normal chocolate! As you may have figured out by now — I like healthy alternatives to junkfood snacks!  I mean… Why not have your cake and eat it too AND stay lean at the same time!  Right!? I am a chocolate fiend […]