5 Of The Weirdest Languages To Say Hello In

Ever been traveling in a foreign country and wished you knew how to greet someone and say HI or HELLO in their native language. I sat down with world traveler Nadine Sykora from @HeyNadine and quizzed her on 20 of the world’s weirdest languages to say HELLO in to see how many she knew. How […]

VIDEO: The Taste Test That Left Me GAGGING!!

Have you ever wanted to try Fettucine gummy bears, candied crystals or mix your own powdered ice cream for a snack? There are some interesting snacks out there-some good some bad, but they all made for an interesting taste test challenge with Dan and Riya.    


Hi Guys!  Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday evening.  I decided to post a BONUS youtube vid — It’s sorta a Part 2 to my last video featuring Youtube Star Sawyer Hartman. This time him and I prank call Tim Hortons at 5am after drinking a little too much “happy drank”… As I look back […]