If you ‘Snooze’ you..WIN!


I know that’s not exactly how the saying goes but in the case of the “Snooze” hotel, it’s correct.

This week I visited one of my favorite places, Fort Lauderdale.  Every other frost bitten Canadian seemed to be there as well which means….ALL THE HOTELS WERE FULL! This often happens in Fort Lauderdale, its a hot spot so there are a ton of people and a few hotels which means very expensive hotel rooms!  This is where Snooze comes in.

To me, there’s nothing carefree about breaking your bank for a “relaxing” vacation. Snooze, in my opinion, is the best value hotel on the Fort Lauderdale beachfront and here’s why it may be perfect for you!

1) Perfect location! Its not NEAR the beach, it’s ON the beach.  It’s right in between the Ritz and the Westin …. so you get their premium location without the premium prices.

image (12) (pointing at Snooze!)

2) Very reasonably priced.  Rooms vary but for the most part are around $150 a night (average price right on the beach is 300+)

3) There’s everything you need!  The rooms are huge with kingsize bed, modern bathroom, study desk, cupboards, a flat screen tv, air conditioning, bathroom amenities and wireless internet.  The kitchenettes also offer a coffee maker, microwave, toaster, kitchenware, bar sink, kitchen island, dining area and a huge fridge!  It literally felt like I was staying in my very own beach home because it had everything a home needs!

4) The Rooftop patio was recently renovated and it’s awesome! It has cabanas, tanning chairs and a bar and it’s almost always quiet which makes it very a very relaxing hideaway.

5) The rooms are very clean – which is uberrrr important!

6) One thing Snooze doesn’t have is  room service however it is right next door to a wonderful restaurant with yummy fresh food called Casablanca Cafe which is a historic Fort Lauderdale hot spot.

7) And finally the service is superb.  If you ever stay at Snooze you will most likely meet the manager Joe.  He is one of the friendliest, most helpful people you will ever meet.  I actually met Joe 1 year ago when staying at Snooze with my family and he and I have become friends and I hung out with him this time around!

image (11)


The reason why I wrote this post is because I truly believe vacations are supposed to be care free…I would rather spend less on the hotel and more on the actual experiences!   So if you were thinking about booking a short getaway to get away from the cold I recommend trying out Snooze, you will truly have a lovely beach home experience and while your neighbours at the Hilton are paying $500 a night you can use all that extra money you saved on tequila and dancing! 😉

– xo Rachel



For more information on Snooze Hotel or to book a vaca  Click Here 



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