Hello my friends,

Hope you are safe and well during these super strange times!

I can’t get enough of learning HOW businesses operate and the psychology behind it all. From design to pricing, everything is carefully planned out. Since colour can be such a large part of a brand, I really wanted to find out what some of the colours that we see everyday represent!

Watch this weeks video to find out some of the psychology behind logo colours. If you run a business or are starting a venture of your own, this will be super valuable for you!

Every colour within a logo or a brand is chosen for very specific reasons and plays a huge role in influencing our purchases. It can even influence our engagement with the brand itself. Learning how to decipher the psychology of colours between brands can give you a lot of information about that company.

Head on over to this weeks video to learn more and let me know what colour you think would best represent your brand!

Stay safe my friends, we’re all in this together.




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