The 1 Morning Hack you Need to Know


Are you one of those people who prefers to get their workout over with in the morning? I’ve got great news for you! Not only do you get the worst part (in my opinion) of your day out of the way first thing, but there are actual benefits to doing so! Research shows that being active in the morning improves your productivity and learning. And get this, it doesn’t matter what kind of work out you do in the morning, just simply moving around increases your productivity and your ability to learn by 20%! When you think about it, it makes sense – your brain thrives on oxygen and nutrients. The best way to jump start your day? Get that blood pumping to get those essentials your brain needs!

There are so many options to choose to get those endorphins going first thing in the morning. If going for runs or bike rides in the hot summer heat isn’t really your thing, doing any sort of moving around is helpful! Practicing yoga or a simple few minutes of stretching and targeting areas that may feel neglected, going for a morning walk, taking the time for yourself and to breathe in that beautiful fresh air. Even dancing around while you are cooking! All these are little things that you can add to your morning routine (or throughout your day!) to keeping your brain happy! As we all adjust to our new normal, it is important to continually check in with yourself and your body and focus on your needs.

Get those endorphins!



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