5 Of The Weirdest Languages To Say Hello In


Ever been traveling in a foreign country and wished you knew how to greet someone and say HI or HELLO in their native language. I sat down with world traveler Nadine Sykora from @HeyNadine and quizzed her on 20 of the world’s weirdest languages to say HELLO in to see how many she knew. How many languages do you think you’d recognize? Here are the weirdest ones we came across and be sure to watch the video for the full list. Try busting these out at the next party to seem more cultured and worldly.

5. Sawadee ka-Thailand

4. Annyeong (pronounced An- nyoung-ha-she-yo)- Korea


2. Merhaba (pronounced MEHR-hah-bah)-Turkey

1. Zdrast vwee-tye (proounced zdra-stvooi-te) -Russian


Watch how many Nadine got correct below.

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