HOW TO: End a Call Smoothly


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During this unprecedented time where we are all spending more and more time online, it can be hard to find the right tools to communicate with team members, colleagues and even friends! Some conversations may go longer than others which is fine but…how do you get yourself off the phone when the objective of the conversation has been reached?

Watch this weeks video to learn how to end a phone call flawlessly!

Set their Expectations
Give them a rough timeframe so they know what to expect! This gives you a time to refer back to, should you feel the need the conversation has reached the end.

What are they doing?
This is an important step because it almost always gives you an out. It also gives you the chance to make it about the person on the other line.

Call to Action
Give them an action to follow up once the phone call is over. Set up another call or have them email you their points from your conversation.

Hopefully these tips make getting out of your next phone call a little easier when it’s gone on a little too long! Remember that it is all about managing your expectations and the person on the other line!
Stay safe my friends, we’re all in this together.



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