I’m wearing my hair curly on TV for the first time in 3 years…and it’s made me very happy.

  Being a woman working in entertainment has its pressures…especially working as a television host. You’re supposed to represent the company you are hired for — so naturally you’d want to put your best foot forward!  That can get a bit scary because it’s easy to feel like you need to be perfect — to […]

Rubbing deodorant on my feet has made my life happier! Here’s why…

Okay…I know you’re probably wondering why the heck am I rubbing deodorant on my foot… But ladies, I swear to you I haven’t lost my marbles..yet! This is a little trick I learned from my smarty pants little sister!  If you have a strap on a heel that’s bugging you because it’s either rubbing or […]

The Best Onesie In The World Giveaway!

CONTEST NOW CLOSED! STAY TUNED FOR MORE IN THE NEAR FUTURE!    Guys…I’m in love with a onesie….I’ve bought this particular one in 6 different colors!! There is seriously no item of clothing that makes me happier then this onesie…when I know it’s going to be the #OOTD — I KNOW it’s going to be […]

Birthday Kicks! Nike Air Max 90 “Cork” Review

  So I am highly obsessed… I received the new sneaks a couple days ago for my birthday and just tried them out today and all I can say is…GREAT conversation starter.  Almost every person I bumped into noticed the shoes and wanted to touch them!! Ha! I read some reviews online about this highly […]