The Most Practical Sunglasses!

Morning friends!  As you know I’m all about the PRACTICAL tips…  first with the most practical white sneaker article and nowwwww I found the MOST PRACTICAL SUNGLASSES! I’m not going to lie, nice sunglasses are typically a hassle for me because they’re fragile, they take up space in my little purse and I tend to […]

The perfect personalized gift for a sneaker-head!

The best gifts are always personal right?  Well, what gift is practical, not super mushy and personalized all at the same time??  How about PERSONALIZED SNEAKERS!! So my little sister is THE BEST gift buyer and she showed me this thing called NikeID.  It’s the store on the site that allows you to customize […]

Baby got FLOW! — Another GIVEAWAY!

Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi! So I’m very excited because I was recently introduced to this fab new hair product line that literally launched only a couple weeks ago called “Flow Hair Care”  This past weekend (as part of all of the TIFF festivities) I got to test out the Flow Hair Care products and […]

TIP TUESDAY* I found a LESS PAINFUL alternative to WAXING!

Okay,  One thing that DOESN’T make me happy is…Waxing!  Ladies, are you with me or are you WITH ME!?!? Beside my “Time of the Month” the WORST time of the month is when I have to wax any unwanted hair… I literally dred the days I have to lay down on the table and feel […]

Giveaway : For the most PRACTICAL WHITE sneaker.

In my opinion there’s nothing like a fresh pair of white sneakers.   But I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it: People who love wearing their fresh white shoes  in places where they SHOULDN’T be worn ie: music festivals, playing sports, to a park with freshly cut GREEN grass. …and then, about a month later the reality […]

5 Beauty Products That Make My Life Easier

Working in media I have had the opportunity to try countless beauty products — probably close to five hundred in the past 5 years!    From gifting lounges, to different make up artists each week, to goodie bags after events — there have been an abundance of beauty products smushed on my face so I’ve […]