Screw my back — I’ll go for a kale massage!

Oh em gee!  Today I massaged kale for the first time and the outcome made my tastebuds SUPER happy! I’ve been obsessed with this Longo’s kale salad for about a year now and I never knew how they got it so tender but now thanks to I think I figured out their secret — tender […]

Happy Birthday Canada! Thank you for providing me with healthy ketchup chips!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!   Thank you for providing your grateful citizens with convenience stores stocked with Ketchup Chips….and now…Healthy Ketchup Chips!?  Say It Ain’t So! Okay…So here in Canada we are blessed with having Ketchup Chips.  But we all know chips aren’t healthy  BUT I found the ultimate cracker to satisfy your ketchup chip craving. […]

Healthy Coconut Cashew Wafer Bars make my tummy and body Happy!

Guys, this is one of my favorite healthy dessert recipes!  The Coconut Cashew Wafer Bars taste like it should be terrible for you …terrible in a good way!!  But it’s actually high in protein and has very little sugar in it!  As you may know I am dating the wrestler Bad News Barrett (I call […]