Why Being Hacked Actually Made Me Happy!


Okay…I know this sounds completely PSYCHO but…

…I LOVED being hacked this past weekend!

You would THINK I’d be completely FREAKED OUT and yes I WAS…for about 1 minute and then I saw the hundreds of caring texts and emails from people that I hadn’t talked to for years and…


image1 (13)

…I know I’m NUTS…I’M TOTALLY NUTS — But stay with me…

So this is what happened…

Saturday morning a SPAM email from my MAIN gmail account went out to every single person I’ve ever emailed in my entire life! To give you an idea of how much I email — I currently have 33,735 UNREAD emails in my inbox!  (I’m clearly the furthest thing from OCD).


The subject line read “SAD NEWS”. This hacker was good, he knew how to write a “tug on your heart strings” headline.  The email said I was in Cyprus (I wish),  that I had been robbed at gunpoint (I don’t wish), that I had everything stolen EXCEPT for my passport and MY LIFE (…thanks captain obvious!) and that I needed money ASAP (…well I mean…who doesn’t?)


Now my first reaction was that no one would ACTUALLY take this seriously…but then as I took a closer look, I quickly realized approximately 10% of my email contacts did! 

However my REACTION to their responses wasn’t “oh no…”, it was something more along the lines of…


“Whoa I can’t believe people think my life is THAT crazy …That something about little me… Rachel David… screams “Jet-setter by day earning street cred by night…”  THAT’S AWESOME! 

Then, as I was sifting through the hundreds of messages I started realizing that I had just been spoon-fed a spreadsheet of the people to call if anything terrible like this ever DOES happen to me in the future.. #HELPFUL

I also quickly realized how many people were on VACATION!  What the heck!  I got like 100 bounce backs saying they were away!  Which made me realize no one should ever feel guilty for taking a vacation…ever!

Next my blog shot up in traffic that day…however that was probably due to the fact that people may have actually thought I was getting into illegal trafficking…!


Oh and lastly they couldn’t have picked a better day to hack me — I mean…a Saturday…How beautiful!  I suddenly had like 15 long lost friends that I was reminded to hang out with and I actually could because it was the weekend!!!   So I made dinner plans with a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year!

photo (3)

Now this wouldn’t be a racheldavid.ca post without a quick tip to make your life happier. So here it is:

If your gmail is hacked change all your passwords right away (that is pretty self explanatory.)  Then at the bottom of your gmail account (in the right corner) there is a button that says “details.” CLICK THAT!

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 8.18.45 PM

Then you’ll get taken to a page that says Activity on this account displaying an intuitive button that prompts you to click Sign Out All Other Web Accounts.  

 Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 8.20.27 PM
Now, I would recommend you do this even if you haven’t been hacked because you never know if you are still signed into your email on a friends computer or (even better) an ex-boyfriends! Their computer possibly perma-saved your password!  Doing this action will allow you to sign out of every device you have ever logged into and make sure you’re the only one signing in from this point forward! 

Rachel Real Talk:

I was overwhelmed by those who responded so quickly.  

To know that I had people out there (some who I hadn’t even spoken with in over 5 years) who felt the need to let me know that something was up and inadvertently signalled to me that they had my back spoke volumes.

To each and every one of you that went out of your way to call me, text me, email me, Facebook message me… Thank you.

Happy Hacker Victim,
Rach xo

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  1. OH MY HAHA! Your post really made me laugh, and I love how you made the best of what could have been a stressful situation! You’re a glass half full kinda gal aren’t you? I love it!

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