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Hello friends!

I have a new great tip for you and it’s all about helping you stay on track when it comes to your fitness!

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My GF Laura Davidson (shout out!) recently told me about this brand new app she has created — First off, props to women in tech (fist pound!)  Secondly, it’s actually a really cool concept!

Now, if you’re new to a city, looking for your fitness community or it’s just too freaking hard to coordinate a run with your super popular friend this WHISTLE App is perfect for you.

The WHISTLE App it is essentially social community for fitness..the amazing this is that it is location based so If you want to go for a run RANDOMLY but you don’t want to run alone you can just log onto this app and find someone near by!   It’s all about finding someone to keep you motivated and maybe even trying something new.

So how does it work? Liiiiike THIS :

photo (1)

I wanted to share this with you not only because my gf Laura made it (and i’m super proud of her) but I find fitness and being social are hugely important to maintaining a happy lifestyle (I know it’s helped me immensely).  So perhaps give it a try and see how you like it!  Who knows —  Maybe you and I will be breaking a sweat together someday soon!

To download this app CLICK HERE

Sending you happy vibes ~

Rachel David





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