Top 5 Documentary Picks!


So, those of you who know me know that I watch at least 1 documentary a week.   Sometimes I revert to lists online for recommendations BUT lately I’ve been feeling like I watch the film and end up thinking…who the heck liked that!?!?

So,  I’ve decided to make you a list of 5 documentaries that actually blew my mind! 


Now I know this isn’t going to appeal to everybody BUT if you are into sociology, technology, spirituality, health and the future you may like these:


#1 ) I Am – I walked away from this feeling like I wanted to focus more on living in the present and putting out positive energy vibes.  Watch on Netflix


#2 ) We Live In Public – I walked away from this thinking social media was going to be the death of our society.  Watch Full Movie on Youtube


#3) Ivory Tower – I walked away from this thinking a higher education from a big USA school is B.S.  Watch on Netflix


#4) Print The Legend – I walked away from this really realizing tech is the future and to embrace it.  Watch on Netflix


#5) Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead – I walked away from this and actually changed my diet to a more plant based, natural diet.  Watch on Netflix



So those are my top 5 documentary picks!  What are yours?? Let me know if there are any good ones I might have missed that you would recommend 🙂


-Rachel xo


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