The Most Practical Sunglasses!

Morning friends!  As you know I’m all about the PRACTICAL tips…  first with the most practical white sneaker article and nowwwww I found the MOST PRACTICAL SUNGLASSES!

I’m not going to lie, nice sunglasses are typically a hassle for me because they’re fragile, they take up space in my little purse and I tend to some how some way find a way to scratch them!   HOWEVER is a site all about tips and tricks to make your life happier and so I’m here to share with you a super duper awesome sunglass that arrived this morning!

Behold THE FOLDABLE RAY BAN!  (I should rephrase) the “cute” foldable Ray Ban … I find there’s a stigma attached to foldable sunglasses where people seem to think they’re “lame” WELLLLL  I beg to differ.  Look at these!


So, I recently went on which is great website where you can get sunglasses for a discounted price (which I am all about!) I saw these glasses but because they are unisex and I didn’t know if they would fit my head properly…well thankfully the site actually had a little “Try On” icon beside the product image ….so I clicked it, and lone and behold I could see myself with the sunglasses virtually on my face on the computer!  So I went ahead and got them!

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.23.39 AM

I couldn’t be happier — They are nice and snug, the shades give off a beautiful warm tinge and not to mention they are simply the BEST PARTY TRICK EVER …guys I’m overwhelmed by this…Is that weird? ….Or awesome?…let’s go with awesome-tastic!

So I highly recommend these glasses and trying out Smart Buy Glasses (just click here) 

And If you want the exact same sunnnies as me so we can be matching just Click Here

Sending y’all happy vibes and happy eyes!

xo Rachel


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