VIDEO: The BEST new WASHROOM in Toronto!


Guys…you have to check out this new place Otto’s Berlin Döner in Kensington Market —  Not only do they serve awesome Berlin-inspired donairs, but it’s also home to one of the bizarre washroom experiences you will ever have!!

So the owners of this joint are three of my good friends – Matt, Thomas and Konrad.

They were some of the first people I met when I moved to Toronto and are known around town as the “Mansion Brothers”  — 3 promoters who have thrown some of the most wicked parties in Toronto over the past 5 years.


Well now they’ve opened up their first restaurant with co owner Nancy (girl power!) and in epic promoter style they’ve got a hook that’s the sh*t:  a WASHROOM that leaves a lasting impression!

Here is a video of my bathroom experience and why it made me so HAPPY!!  lol…never thought I would ever type that out!


…I love the subtlety of the red and blue buttons — there’s no sign inviting you to push it, you just push it at your own risk because the Curious George inside of you pulls you towards it and makes the whole experience even more shocking!!

Aside from the WC, the food is also something new in Toronto (which is rare in such a culturally diverse city.)   The Boys made a trip over to Berlin 3 years ago and fell in love with German Donairs. When they came back home to Toronto they were craving German goodies and quickly realized there was a hole in the market…so the Otto Berlin Döner restaurant idea was born.

I ordered the chicken donair with all the toppings and added yogurt, garlic and hot Sauce on top!

***TIP: There is a secret menu…They secretly sell these delicious potato wedges with a side of aioli.   It’s DELISH!


Anyways guys — I give this new restaurant an official “Rachel Recommendation”

Let me know if you try this place out and tell me what you think!

Happy washroom dancing!!


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