I’m wearing my hair curly on TV for the first time in 3 years…and it’s made me very happy.

  Being a woman working in entertainment has its pressures…especially working as a television host. You’re supposed to represent the company you are hired for — so naturally you’d want to put your best foot forward!  That can get a bit scary because it’s easy to feel like you need to be perfect — to […]

That time I was a cheerleader for a day…

Okay…well maybe I wasn’t a REAL cheerleader but I sure felt like one when stumbled into a CheerBody class for the first time…I say stumbled because I thought I was attending a cardio bootcamp class at the Rogers gym but instead they had a special “Valentines Day workshop” which encouraged women to shake their “pom […]

Top 10 Events of 2014

Okay, so there were some pretty incredible events in 2014.  Last year alone I think I attended around 70! In my opinion, Toronto’s party and cultural events scene is just getting bigger and better.  My favorite thing is seeing what innovative ideas the publicists and event coordinators come up with to trump their previous shindig! […]