What a night! As the morning after a big election night for our neighbors to the south of us here in Canada, it’s official. The United States of America has voted for its 45th president. Surprised at the results or not, part way through election night, Canada’s official Immigration website experienced a huge surge in […]

Taking You Behind The Scenes At Buffer Festival

I’m taking you behind the scenes to VIP places Toronto Buffer Festival. This years international digital video festival was full of entertaining screenings, fun meet ups and being in the presence of some of YouTube’s most talented creators. So I’m taking you with me! We’ll hit the red carpet, sit front row at a screening, […]

5 Of The Weirdest Languages To Say Hello In

Ever been traveling in a foreign country and wished you knew how to greet someone and say HI or HELLO in their native language. I sat down with world traveler Nadine Sykora from @HeyNadine and quizzed her on 20 of the world’s weirdest languages to say HELLO in to see how many she knew. How […]

That time I was a cheerleader for a day…

Okay…well maybe I wasn’t a REAL cheerleader but I sure felt like one when stumbled into a CheerBody class for the first time…I say stumbled because I thought I was attending a cardio bootcamp class at the Rogers gym but instead they had a special “Valentines Day workshop” which encouraged women to shake their “pom […]