Hot Girls On Instagram (Feat DVBBS) – The Backstory

“So If you don’t know DVBBS.. now you know” –  DVBBS is one of the hottest DJ groups on the scene right now. They’re Canadian, they’re brothers and they are FUNNY AS HELL! I met these talented brothers about 5 years ago.  I was actually one of their first on camera interviews ever back when […]

VIDEO: Jake Gyllenhaal being cute…enough to make any gal happy!

In this interview Jake Jake Gyllenhaal tells me 50 Cent pisses lemonade and Rachel McAdams poops rainbows…  Seriously he said that!  But not in a pukey way…   Sometimes (as an interviewer) it’s annoying to ask to actors the redundant question about what it was like working with their co-stars because you KNOW they’re only going to […]