Screw my back — I’ll go for a kale massage!


Oh em gee!  Today I massaged kale for the first time and the outcome made my tastebuds SUPER happy!

I’ve been obsessed with this Longo’s kale salad for about a year now and I never knew how they got it so tender but now thanks to I think I figured out their secret — tender love and massaging!  Now I know a lot of people know about massaging kale so I thought I’d share my favorite Longo’s salad recipe.  It’s super simple – just 5 steps.

1) Take a head of Kale and get rid of the bulky stems — basically you just need to use the leafy part.

2) Chop the leaves and throw them in a bowl

3) Put a little bit of olive oil, lemon and sea salt on top.

4) Then start massaging the kale!!  I massaged it for about 4 minutes!  It was a very sensual experience …Eventually it became a silky texture …which sounds even MORE sensual!!  Ha!  When I tasted the kale it didn’t taste nearly as bitter!

5) Then to top off the salad I added walnuts, a bit more lemon, tiny bit of balsamic vinegar, cracked pepper and light feta cheese and even though Longo’s doesn’t add chopped white onions or avocado on their particular salad I thought I’d live a little 😉

And then boom you’re done!!

Now, to tie this back to my happiness blog — massaged kale makes me happy because…It’s way less bitter, has a better texture, it is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet (packed with fibre, protein, vitamin C and A),  it fills me up faster then any other leafy green AND it is actually fun to massage!

If you’ve never had massaged Kale before I highly recommend trying it – my life will forever be happier because of it!

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