Raptors Basketball Player Patrick Patterson – Lip Synching Our Favorite Duets


The Toronto Raptors HOME OPENER is tomorrow so Patrick Patterson came over to lip sync our favorite duets and let off some steam from all the pent up excitement…The fact that this ACTUALLY happened still doesn’t make sense to me…


Video Here:


It was not an easy task figuring out how to film this….Patrick stands a whopping 6’8!!  So I was on a wobbly chair, we had 3 huge lights boxing us in a tight space and the tripod and camera was awkwardly propped up by two coffee tables…but somehow some way we made it work!  #TeamWerkkkkkkk


The part that makes me happiest is I got to do the whole thing in my pink fuzzy onesie (yes, with the feet built in) while sporting my “Steal My Sunshine” pigtail buns! (Oooooo that would have been another great duet song!!)

I hope you enjoy the vid as much as I had fun making it!  Feel Free to leave comments below the video and to click SUBSCRIBE for more videos of me making influential people do silly things!

-Rachel David


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