My First Wrestlemania


Wrestlemania – The Superbowl of The WWE.  This year’s event took place in Santa Clara California at the Levi’s Stadium.

Thousands of people travel far and wide to experience the epic event, while millions around the world gather around their TV’s.
This year, I got to watch my man “Mr. Bad News Barrett” fight in a 7 man ladder match and to my surprise, I was told I was going to be able to watch his match from the front row!
So the time had finally come, the wrangler grabbed me during the 30 man Royal Rumble in the pre show to take me to the front.  Everything was chaotic!   There were a ton of big men dressed in black with headsets on (they were looking veryyyyy serious as they marched around),  fans were dressed up as their favorite WWE Superstars while simultaneously chanting out their favorite WWE Superstar catchphrases, and I was ducking my head trying to avoid any accidental bullhamers that may be swinging in the direction of my head!
After walking through a maze backstage for 20 minutes, the black curtain was pulled back, the sun shot in my eyes…I had finally made it outside onto the floor.  It’s was in that moment that I looked up to see 76,976 roaring fans…it was completely astounding.
Here is what I was looking at!

Okay now let’s get to the good part.  Since returning from Wrestlemania people have been asking me “What was it like watching your boyfriend, walk out in a pair of trunks, covered in baby oil to beat people up LIVE infront of 76,976 screaming fans!?  Well, the answer is obviously erotic…
Just kidding – that’s weird!
But in all honesty all I really remember is I heard the punchy rhythm guitar kick in, I got a huge rush and then I saw Mr Bad News Barrett burst onto the huge platform and fans went crazy!!
I had a gagillion emotions and thoughts running through my head including:
Is he nervous?
He looks HOT!
I wonder what he’s thinking?
I hope he ate enough.
Look at those ABS!
Please dont get hurt!!
I wonder what a 20 ft ladder looks like to a 6’7 man?
Luckily I took a video so I can savour that moment forever:

He went out there, I had a blast watching the match and for me the best part (besides staring at the biggest bejewelled ladder I’ve ever seen in my life) was knowing that he didn’t come back in a puddle of blood or with broken bones. Phew!  I can’t wait for next year!


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