VIDEO: Marvel Superheroes teach me how to fight off burglars!


Growing up, my biggest fear was that a burglar would sneak into my home in the middle of the night and steal all my beanie babies (no joke!)…and then I would just be left with a dishevelled home, some boogie man lurking around the corner..and a bunch of beans sprawled out all over the floor…*tear


Once I became a teenager if I ever felt nervous (while I was home alone) my first reaction was to sing “Kung Foo Fighting” at the top of my lungs while standing in a frozen ninja pose behind a door.

kinda like this guy…


Anyways, the other day the amazingly talented cast of Marvel Universe Live put my mind at ease by showing me a few moves that I can keep in my back pocket incase I ever get into an altercation with a BUGLAR!

See here:


Marvel Universe Live will be taking place this Thursday Aug 13 – Sunday August 16th 2015.  The show looks super cool!  If you’re interested in going feel free to read more info HERE 

In the meantime, I’m gonna go work on my moves…and figure out how to get “Kung Foo Fighting”  out of my head!!!!

Rach xo

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