This onesie makes me uber Happy!



If there’s one thing that makes me REALLY happy its comfy clothes!  You’ll never catch me in a pair of “real” jeans…and I’m proud of that – it’s jeggings all the way!
Now what makes me even MORE happy then just comfy clothes is a particular item of clothing….The Magnificent Onesie!
rachel david sirens onesie
I love that it literally takes no brain power to get ready when a onesie is the OOTD! (That means “Outfit Of The Day” Mom!)
I recently came across this fab find at the best place to guilt free shop…Sirens!
It hugs in all the right places, they had a ton of bright colors and the light material makes it a perfect edition to your summer wardrobe!  I wore this out the other day from the morning at work till an evening event and I could not tell you how many people stopped me to say nice onesie!  Ladies…it’s amazeballz, a bloating blanket…and may I add it was only 39.99.
Boom! Boom! Shake the room and thank me when you’re shakin your money maker in your new comfy onesie!
Location: Dixie Outlet Mall, 1250 S Service Rd

Mississauga, ON

Note:  Call ahead to make sure they still have it. 1 866-717-7008

4 comments on “This onesie makes me uber Happy!

  1. Hi Rachel,
    You’re absolutely gorgeous and my mom and I love watching you on ‘Your World This Week.’ You’re outstandingly terrific at this job! It’s obvious your career will soar!
    We’ve wanted to ask where your clothes come from. Your taste is impeccable. One of my favourites is the blue + white wrap around ?dress. But a lot of the wrap arounds and onesie blue and white outfit were great too. Where can I find these great clothes??

    Just a personal – We’re proud of the vivacious jewish girl on TV!
    Wishing You All The Best…
    Sharon and Shoshana

    1. Oh my goodness you are so sweet! I bought that dress from BCBG last summer — I don’t know if they still have the exact print however they will have the exact cut! They are great! I love that they’re long sleeves so it keeps any draft away but the material is so light that you don’t get over heated! oh and its super flattering!! 😉 Thanks for reaching out! RD x

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