Is your LinkedIn Profile as good as it Can Be?


Hello my friends,

So as you may have guessed, LinkedIn is one of my favourite social media sites to use. It’s great for connecting with others, learning new skills and of course marketing yourself to get new clients or a new job. Sometimes it’s hard to know if your profile stands out though and what you should be posting.

Recently, Forbes created a list of “15 question to determine if your LinkedIn profile is perfect or pathetic and I thought this would be great to share with you!

For each question, rate yourself 1-3, 1 being not so much and 3 being absolutely yes.

Take your time going through your own profile as if you were a potential client or job recruiter and answer the following questions.

1. Is your photo professional (no selfies) with your face taking up between 70% and 80% of the space available?


2. Does your headline include your job title, company and keywords you want to be known for?


3. Did you change your vanity URL to be LinkedIn/in/yourname?


4. Did you include links to web sites, along with your contact information, including your office work number, email address, and Twitter handle (if you have one)?


5. Is your summary authentic (consistent with who you really are) and aspirational (positioning you for what’s next)?
6. Does your summary contain at least 20-30% personal information (your interests, passions, values, philanthropic interests, point of view, and life experiences)?
7. Do the writing style and content you included convey your personal brand attributes?
8. Is it formatted beautifully – including enough white space to break up the paragraphs?
9. Is it grammatically correct and perfectly proofed?
10. Do you have an entry for each experience element of your career – including a description with all relevant keywords in each entry?
11. Did you include an entry for each of your degrees, selecting from the LinkedIn list so the school logo appears in your profile?

12. Are the top three skills in your skills/endorsements section the ones for which you want to be known?

13. Do you belong to relevant groups in these areas: Thought-leadership, Interests/passions, Alumni, Social causes/philanthropy?

14. Did you include your publications (books, whitepapers, e-books, etc.)?
Total your score:

If you score 40 and above, your LinkedIn profile is on par! If you score between 30-39, your profile needs some work. If you score below 30, it might be a good idea to revamp your profile entirely. What did you score?

Send me an email if you need any help with writing your profile on LinkedIn or want me to look it over for feedback!

– R

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