VIDEO: Jake Gyllenhaal being cute…enough to make any gal happy!


In this interview Jake Jake Gyllenhaal tells me 50 Cent pisses lemonade and Rachel McAdams poops rainbows… 

Seriously he said that!  But not in a pukey way…



Sometimes (as an interviewer) it’s annoying to ask to actors the redundant question about what it was like working with their co-stars because you KNOW they’re only going to give you the stock answer “They were AMAZING” (…I hate that word…even though I used it about 5 times in this interview!)   They will PRAISE their co star with a big smile on their face even if they don’t mean it …because they want to work again!


But I will say that there was something really nice and refreshing about talking with Jake Gylenhaal a couple weeks ago.   We talked about starring in the new Southpaw film which hits theatres today.  I found him to be incredibly down to earth and present and best of all he didn’t give me cheesy stock answers.  He genuinely seemed like he wanted to sit down, take his time and tell me stories — that made me really happy!



I saw the new movie Southpaw a couple weeks ago  — I thought it was really captivating.  The story tug on my heart strings, Jake gave a convincing performance as boxer Billy Hope and the chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams was undeniable.  I recommend this movie.  It hits theatres TODAY!

xo Rach



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