Wear this and your body will get an instant hourglass!



So I haven’t been to Le Chateau in about a year.   Seems to be one of those stores I often bypass HOWEVER everytime I actually do go inside I DO find something fabulous!  Which brings me to this dress,  I got it at the Le Chateau in the Toronto Eaton Centre and ladies, let me tell you, this dress is perfect for any woman looking to accentuate their curves!  Why???

  1. The black and white…but most importantly the black being put in all the right places!!
  2. It has a slip underneath so it doesn’t ride up.
  3. The dress is comfortable (which is always a must!)
  4.   It retails around $100…which is a bit on the high end but hey, I’ll pay a little extra to get a body shape like Sophia Vergara 😉




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