The best HEALTHY CHOCOLATE I’ve ever eaten!




Say it ain’t so…but it’s true!  I found a “healthier alternative” to normal chocolate!

As you may have figured out by now — I like healthy alternatives to junkfood snacks!  I mean… Why not have your cake and eat it too AND stay lean at the same time!  Right!?

I am a chocolate fiend so when I found  Krisda Chocolate Chips I got REALLY excited…  Now I am not endorsed to push any products,  I don’t get paid to tell you what I like and don’t like, this is genuinely a product I love and that makes my life better.  

The reason why this makes me happy is because…

…They are sugar free but not sweetened with any of the bad sweeteners — they’re sweetened with Stevia!! (Which is actually very hard to find!)  When I’m craving sugar at work at 3pm I can satisfy my sweet tooth and not suffer from a sugar crash!  I also think these would be great for parents because if their kid is screaming for sugar they can give them a few of these chocolate chips, make them quiet and avoid them going “Mountain Dew Hyper” off of a sugar rush.. #beautiful!

I’m literally obsessed.  Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been carrying around a Ziploc bag filled with a trail mixture of almonds and these chocolate chips in my purse for the past month!   In the upcoming months I will be sharing some dessert recipes I’ve invented using these chocolate chips!

 My favorite thing to do for a quick snack is mix unsalted roasted almonds and the Krista chocolate chips in a bowl and snack on them when I’m watching my favorite reality show…#heaven

10 reasons you may want to try these chocolate chips:

1) It has Zero Sugar
2) Zero Malitol
3) Zero Peanuts
4) Zero Artificial Sweeteners
5) Zero Preservatives
6) It’s a Canadian company!
7) Gluten Free
8) GMO Free
9) Rich in Fibre
10) and it comes in a resealable bag…so comon!!!!! Re- sealable bag!?!  Above and boyond!
racheldavid_surprisedcat<—-  My face when I saw the re-sealable bag
The only downfall is they are a bit expensive…for 285g it’s around 7 bucks.
But hey…I’ll pay the 7 bucks to keep the 7 pounds off.
You can get buy a pack here or look for them in the healthy gluten free section at your local  Wholefoods or Lowblaws.
Happy guilt-free chocolate eating!!
Rach xo
Oh…I should probably say everything in moderation…yes, this is a healthy alternative but don’t go eating the whole bag in one sitting!!

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