5 FREE and FUN places in Toronto that make me HAPPY!


Happy Birthday to the greatest city in the world! You are now a true, north strong 181 years old!  In celebration of such a special birthday I’ve composed a list of my 5 FREE and FUN favorite places in Toronto that make me HAPPY…yes it’s almost spring…hard to believe I know..


#1) Centre Island!

View of Toronto skyline from Centre IslandIMG_3829

Hop on the Ferry and enjoy a beautiful picnic underneath an oak tree while taking in one of the most spectacular views of the city!  You can rent a bike, lay on the sand for a “beach experience” or even visit the little petting zoo on site!



#2) High Park 


Once you begin strolling through HighPark you will feel like you’ve been transported onto the set of Finding Neverland…minus Johnny Depp..

Perfectly bedded flowers, a beautiful lake and fun offbeat tracks lend itself to a perfect afternoon.


#3) The Distillery District 


Walk the cobblestone streets, hit up a brewery…then try to walk the cobblestone streets again!  Kidding – but I will say the Distillery District is incredible for delicious restaurants, unique shops and a feeling like you’re walking through old Montreal!


#4) The Evergreen Brickworks


This place is sort of a hidden gem!  I go to Brickworks about 5 times a year and going in the Spring time is incredible!  Head down and grab an organic coffee and freshly baked treat from their quality bakery then head out on a spectacular walk through the hills.  Tip:  Every Saturday and Sunday there’s a famers market!


#5) St. Lawrence Market


Grab a world famous peameal bacon sandwich and roam the market on a Saturday afternoon.   This place is awesome!  You can find fantastic fresh food and have a exhilarating experience at the same time!