Top 10 Events of 2014


Okay, so there were some pretty incredible events in 2014.  Last year alone I think I attended around 70! In my opinion, Toronto’s party and cultural events scene is just getting bigger and better.  My favorite thing is seeing what innovative ideas the publicists and event coordinators come up with to trump their previous shindig!

So, I could give you a long-ass breakdown of every specific detail of WHY I liked the events but instead i’m just going to give you the best feature at each event for two reasons:

#1 – Just expect the food, venue, and music was all amazing … because they wouldn’t have made the top 10 list in the first place if they weren’t…

#2 Because there is nooo way I can type that in-depth while watching The Bachelor… (P.S Chris is going to choose Whitney)

But alas!

Here it goes.   My top 10 fav events of 2014!



Best feature: The costumes!!  The fact that everyone went full-out when it came to dressing up AND on top of that I got to be sandwiched between two hot mimes the whole night!

Sharp Magazine SS14 Launch


Best Feature :  The MEN!  I mean, what do you expect from a men’s magazine party!?!? Models, soccer players, hipsters with beards that looked like they just came by after chopping down a huge, strong, MANLY tree…you name it, they were there.

C Versus A 5th Anniversary 

photo 3cversusa

Best Feature:  The Decor.  Going to an event to celebrate two on the top event planners in the city Candice and Alison…you could only imagine how spectacular this shindig was!!



Best Feature:  The people watching!  Yes, staring at all the crazy outfits attendees are wearing that they don’t usual wear day to day.

Rogers Fall Launch 


Best Feature: ….uh…duh… THE VENUE!   Never could I ever imagine that one day I would be sipping on a tequila soda, on the field, in the middle of the Rogers Center!

Movember Summer Rooftop Event


Best Feature:  The Organizer!!  Pete Bombaci is the president of Movember Canada …just one look at his glowing smile under that furry moustache and you’ll get it.

Notable’s Icon Series  


Best Feature:  The Guest Speakers. This event was so inspiring.  Imagine a room with 20 super interesting individuals, all sitting down together and listening to a triumphant story of a brilliant entrepreneur…that pretty much sums it up!

One Method BBXX Party 

photo 2djcassidy

Best Feature:  The DJ!  DJ Cassidy kept us dancing throughout the night with a mixture of new and oldschool classics.  I mean, the guy played at Jay Z and Beyonce’s wedding…he knew what he was doing!!

Strut Entertainments Jabra Event

photo 4photo 5

Best Feature:  All the different groups of people!  That event was so cool for me because Strut Entertainment (The P.R company) included many different companies to showcase their stuff!  So I go to see my friends from Strive Life and BestFan (amongst many others) and I didn’t even know it!

Joe Carter Classic 

Best Feature:  The Celebrities!…Charlie Sheen was there….enough said.

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