Hot Girls On Instagram (Feat DVBBS) – The Backstory


“So If you don’t know DVBBS.. now you know” –  DVBBS is one of the hottest DJ groups on the scene right now.

They’re Canadian, they’re brothers and they are FUNNY AS HELL!

I met these talented brothers about 5 years ago.  I was actually one of their first on camera interviews ever back when I was hosting…I remember during the interview we laughed so profusely that the interview never actually aired in the end!!

These are pics from that day!


Well now that I’m doing my own youtube thangggg they invited me out to one of their shows and we did ANOTHER interview..this time backstage in their trailer.

So of course in typical Rachel x DVBBS fashion things took a turn for the worst… but this time I decided to air it!


VIDEO: (Click Here)


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