I’m wearing my hair curly on TV for the first time in 3 years…and it’s made me very happy.




Being a woman working in entertainment has its pressures…especially working as a television host.

You’re supposed to represent the company you are hired for — so naturally you’d want to put your best foot forward!  That can get a bit scary because it’s easy to feel like you need to be perfect — to lose that extra ten pounds, get lip injections to “keep up with the Jenners” or simply wear your hair a certain way…

I’ll never forget a long time ago I was interning for a big entertainment show and one of the producers told me to scout out a publicist to speak on behalf of an issue in the news.  The producer said “Just make sure the publicist looks good and preferably doesn’t have curly hair…”


They obviously didn’t know I actually had an afro underneath my flat-ironed hair…

From that point forward I flat-ironed my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The past few years at Your World This Week I’ve had my hair blow dried to perfection — not because I was forced to but because that comment always stuck with me — I figured that if I wore my natural curly hair I would be running the risk of looking dishevelled.
Well, I think it’s time to say… screw that!  I decided to break that cycle and just wear my naturally curly hair on air this week.

I like my curly hair.

I got it from my awesome parents and it makes me unique — if it looks “too messy” quite frankly I don’t care anymore.  

So, I just saw the new episode of “Your World This Week”  on TV featuring my fab fro and I already feel happier.

I’d rather look imperfect but feel more like myself than to look perfect and feel like I’m putting out a projected image of myself.

Embrace what makes you unique…cuz at the end of the day looking and acting like everyone else is boringgggg!
PS: If you have curly hair and want to know one of my favourite products to use–  it’s Perfect Hair Day! … it really accentuates the curls 😉

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