That time I was a cheerleader for a day…



Okay…well maybe I wasn’t a REAL cheerleader but I sure felt like one when stumbled into a CheerBody class for the first time…I say stumbled because I thought I was attending a cardio bootcamp class at the Rogers gym but instead they had a special “Valentines Day workshop” which encouraged women to shake their “pom poms!”  ….So the next thing I knew was I was cheerleading just like all those pretty mean girls in every teen movie!

So, what is CheerBody you may ask?

Brigitte Grenier, the owner, instructor and former captain of the Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders puts it this way:

“It’s an innovative total body fitness program which combines elements of Cheerleading, Dance, Yoga and Pilates through educational talks and community involvement.”

So this is my feedback:

The work out was super fun!  It reminded me of a hip-hop class with easier moves and a better work out but the thing I loved most of all was watching the camaraderie build between the women in the class!

At the beginning of the class I could tell everyone felt a bit awkward standing next to their co workers holding bright pink pom poms but by the end of the class all the women were giving eachother big pom pom high fives!

Not only was the class super fun, but part of the reason why I wanted to write a post on CheerBody is because it’s always inspiring watching entrepreneurial women live out their dreams and ideas.  I wish Brigitte all the success in the world!  Gooo CheerBody!!

Women, I highly recommend trying a class! Why not!?  For more information about CheerBody or to take a class Click here.

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CheerBody believes in teaming up with local businesses who also promote healthy living in order to create a community of women that motivate and CHEER each other on!”

 CheerBody’s mission is to CHEER women on!!! The goal is to help women feel better about themselves so that they can lead a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life!

-Brigitte Grenier – Owner of CheerBody 

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