Taking You Behind The Scenes At Buffer Festival

I’m taking you behind the scenes to VIP places Toronto Buffer Festival. This years international digital video festival was full of entertaining screenings, fun meet ups and being in the presence of some of YouTube’s most talented creators. So I’m taking you with me! We’ll hit the red carpet, sit front row at a screening, […]

VIDEO: The BEST new WASHROOM in Toronto!

Guys…you have to check out this new place Otto’s Berlin Döner in Kensington Market —  Not only do they serve awesome Berlin-inspired donairs, but it’s also home to one of the bizarre washroom experiences you will ever have!! So the owners of this joint are three of my good friends – Matt, Thomas and Konrad. […]

A Tropical Place in Toronto…I’m not “bluffing” you!

So over the weekend I went to a magical-like place in Toronto — The Bluffs! Now the crazy thing I noticed (after I posted a picture on my social networks) is not a lot of people had never heard of the place!  So I thought I’d give you a tip on how to get there and […]

My First Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania – The Superbowl of The WWE.  This year’s event took place in Santa Clara California at the Levi’s Stadium. Thousands of people travel far and wide to experience the epic event, while millions around the world gather around their TV’s. This year, I got to watch my man “Mr. Bad News Barrett” fight in a […]

5 FREE and FUN places in Toronto that make me HAPPY!

Happy Birthday to the greatest city in the world! You are now a true, north strong 181 years old!  In celebration of such a special birthday I’ve composed a list of my 5 FREE and FUN favorite places in Toronto that make me HAPPY…yes it’s almost spring…hard to believe I know..   #1) Centre Island! Hop […]

If you ‘Snooze’ you..WIN!

I know that’s not exactly how the saying goes but in the case of the “Snooze” hotel, it’s correct. This week I visited one of my favorite places, Fort Lauderdale.  Every other frost bitten Canadian seemed to be there as well which means….ALL THE HOTELS WERE FULL! This often happens in Fort Lauderdale, its a hot […]