Review of “Cannibal The Musical”


So, I just attended the first preview of Cannibal The Musical at the Panasonic Theatre in Toronto…and it was really entertaining!

Cannibal The Musical

The campy musical was brought to us by Trey Parker…he’s best known for being the co creator of the South Park musical and the hugely successful Book Of Mormon.  Now, if you know both of those shows you could only imagine the hilarious scenarios Parker thinks up for a musical about Cannibalism…

I will say, If you’re a fan of shows such as Evil Dead The Musical or Rocky Horror Picture Show this is right up your alley!

The cast is led by Liam Tobin as Packer (Shrek the Musical, MTC’s Next to Normal) and Elicia MacKenzie ( The Sound of Music and CBC’s How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?)  Both of their performances were very strong.  I’ve watched Elicia perform many times over the years so I expected nothing but greatness! Personally, it was a treat for me to watch Mike ‘Nug’ Nahrgang up on stage as I know him as the host of Roger’s WWE aftershow: Aftermath.  I had no clue he could sing! He showed his versatility as an actor playing multiple characters throughout the night.

The entire cast had great comedic timing and I will say THANK GOD for that because they definitely needed it to lean on.  As you can imagine first night previews are always tough.  There’s the potential for a GAGILLION things to go wrong…and a few things did… (technical problems, wardrobe changes etc.) but luckily their quick whit and humor carried them through smoothly and if anything, made the show even funnier!

If you’re looking for a fun, light night to sit back, relax, drink a beer and laugh about the prospect of people eating people well then, I highly recommend Cannibal The Musical.

Show is running until March 8th – Order Tickets Here!