A Tropical Place in Toronto…I’m not “bluffing” you!


So over the weekend I went to a magical-like place in Toronto — The Bluffs!

Now the crazy thing I noticed (after I posted a picture on my social networks) is not a lot of people had never heard of the place! 
So I thought I’d give you a tip on how to get there and where to go. 
First off, the easiest way to get there is to drive however be mindful that the parking after 11am on a weekend is crazy!!  If you’re NOT going to drive and want to take transit (like I did) I recommend taking the subway to Warden station and taking a 9$ uber x to the actual park.  (I heard there’s also a bus that takes you from the station but I found Uber was the easiest way because the park is kinda hidden down this winding road.)

So listen and listen carefully…

Bluffers Park, Bluffers Beach and Scarborough Bluffs are all different places!!  I made that mistake before I got there and ended up having to Uber all over the place!
So if you want to go to Bluffers Beach that’s easy!  Don’t expect to see any stunning birds eye views from the top of mountainous rocks!   BUT you do get a ginormous beautiful beach with nice water and soft sand like the pic displays below.   Stu and I ended up having a picnic on the big rocks around the corner (you can sorta see the beach behind me.)
Now, if you want to have more of a park experience and have a picnic on the grass go to Bluffers Park —  You will get pretty sights of the huge rigid rocks and the bright blue water.   It’s quite the sight — it will feel very tropical..(see in the second picture — that circle of grass…you would be on there!)
DSC_0384 IMG_2157
If you want to see a stunning view of everythingggggg (The marina, the beach and the little island parks)  get dropped off at Scarborough Bluffs!   There’s not alot to do up there but the view is spectacular.
IMG_2140  IMG_2168
Anyways,  I wanted to write a post about this place because the uniqueness and the beauty made me super happy — it really felt like I was in a different country.  I think this is a perfect place to take kids, go on a picnic date or just have a solo stay-cation to clear your mind.
Let me know if you head down there and tell what you think! 🙂

2 comments on “A Tropical Place in Toronto…I’m not “bluffing” you!

  1. Hey girl!! I loveeee your pictures at Scarborough bluffs! I went there with my boyfriend today and tried to find that exact spot but couldn’t. Can you please give me a little more detail about where exactly this spot is please. We went to cathedral bluffs park. Still a great view down the trail but I’m determined to find your spot! It would be super helpful if you could let me know! Xo

  2. I was quite pleased to get to know the beach there and very surprised to find myself … in the water. I have always avoided a dive into lake Ontario because of its frigid waters so I was very happy to have found this place and spend our hot, Labour Day weekend there.

    To those beach lovers who like to stay “hydrated” like myself, Sandbanks is another good option (if you leave East of Toronto). To those living in the city, the lakeshore waters of lake Huron (1 1/2hour north) can be just as “warm”.

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