5 Beauty Products That Make My Life Easier


Working in media I have had the opportunity to try countless beauty products — probably close to five hundred in the past 5 years!    From gifting lounges, to different make up artists each week, to goodie bags after events — there have been an abundance of beauty products smushed on my face so I’ve decided to share with you what really works!

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 5 Beauty Products That Make My Life Easier


Annabelle Eyelink Liquid Eyeliner Pen (Super Precise)

Thank goodness for this gem!  I am terrible at applying eyeliner…ESPECIALLY when I’m still zombified and groggy in the morning!  BUT this product makes it so much easier!  It is literally a pen!  I have full control over the direction I want to go in making it much easier to draw on my daily cat eye!  I have been using this liner for the past 3 years and I’m not switching.



Sephora’s Lip Cream Stain.

Okay ladies…Say good bye to your boyfriend giving you the swerve cheek kiss, the awkward “lipstick on the teeth look” and the colour bleeding into your outer lips making you look like Courtney Love!  This lip stain is pretty remarkable.  I wear it everyday.  I literally layer different amounts to get different shades and looks.  Once it is applied it lasts approximately 3 hours on me!



Mac’s Prolonged Wear Lip Pencil

 Well, If you are ALREADY wearing a lip STAIN you NEED a good long-lasting LIP LINER to go with it!  I found this Mac liner lasts the longest and has the least amount of smudging.   They also have a wide selection of colors at the store!  I like that it goes on smooth.

**Just make sure you have a lip chap or gloss on hand because your lips can tend to get dry so applying a lip balm on top great to keep your lips hydrated.



Perfect Hair Day – 5 in 1 Treatment.

This is a super cool product!! I love how it’s a “one type fits all” kind of product (so much less hassle!)  It works as not only as curl enhancer for me but it’s also a great blow-dry serum.  This is also a great gift idea because it actually works amazing on all different hair types!  So you can’t go wrong!!



Neostrata Aqua Youth Moisturizer

I don’t know what this face cream has in it but it has ACTUALLY works!   I used to think that all skin creams were the same until I used this one.  I apply it only once before bed after I was my face and I wake up the next morning with super hydrated smooth skin!  Before I started using Neostrata I used to have a few zits and an abundance of dry skin but now my face feels healthy and like it can really breathe!

Now one thing I do know is skin creams work differently on different skin types so it may work differently for you but I’m just letting you know what works for me!



I hope this helped you!  I know there’s so many beauty product options out there it can be so daunting to know what works and what doesn’t work but take it from a normal girl like me who isn’t being spoon fed what to say and what to promote (that’s the beauty of running and writing my own blog) …This is what works for me and has made my life happier and hopefully will work for you too!

6 comments on “5 Beauty Products That Make My Life Easier

  1. Your curly hair looks adorable! How did you achieve that look? My hair is naturally wavy- curly but I blow dry it straight all the time. I haven’t let my natural curls loose in so long, I forgot how to let them fly – (flawlessly) LOL!

    1. Omg no! Let your natural hair shine! Try the Living Proof product I talked about in this post! I found it awesome! I apply a small amount after a shower to my damp hair and then I added a tad of hairspray to finish it off…then let it air dry!

  2. I really, really love Living Proof! It’s a godsend, totally worth the hype they receive and smells so clean and grown up! The item that immediately grabbed my attention was that eyeliner, I love a cat eye but have trouble with liquid eyeliner! I sent in my info and will be crossing my fingers! Thanks for sharing your favs and for being generous!

    1. Isn’t it awesome!! I’ll be picking the sample winners while being blind folded tomorrow! (gotta keep it fair!) Crossing my fingers for ya!! <3

  3. Hi, Rachel. Can us ladies in the US enter your eyeliner giveaway? Great idea, thanks for sharing 🙂

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