10 Black Creators you Should Follow Now!


Along with many other ways we can support the #BlackLivesMatter movement, such as research/educating ourselves on Black history & anti-racism, donating to Black-owned businesses & signing petitions— here’s a different way you can support by showing love to the community of Black influencers/creators and their platforms.

This topic hits close to home because my company @hashtagcommunications helps brands craft their campaigns with creators so I felt it was important to speak up.  It is seen time and time again that white influencers are being given more luxurious opportunities, being paid more, or having more brand deals knocking at their doors. Whereas a Black influencer could have the same mass of following and not see these same benefits.

Today I wanted to highlight some of my favorite black creators that I encourage you all to go follow/subscribe.

If you want to support further, buy their products/merch, like. comment, share their content and remember to DISABLE YOUR AD BLOCKER while consuming their content.

Spankie Valentine
She is an amazing creator and makes anything from comedy videos to DIY! She’s a quadruple threat and so incredibly talented.
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4YallEnt aka Jae and Trey Richards
Highly hilarious, innovative and entertaining content. I’ve known them for about 5 years and was actually on one of their episodes of Group Chat way back in the day.
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Pauleanna Reid
She is an editor at Forbes, celebrity ghost writer and a two time author. Her energy is infectious and she is overall just an amazing woman and I highly recommend you check out her Instagram.
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LaToya Forever
LaToya is someone I have worked with for quite a long time. She has a vlog channel with her husband and adorable kids. They’re relatable, they’re fun and they’re good people.
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His videos are so fun! He does story times, but he combines them with an animator so his videos are animated as he tell his stories. He puts so much effort and quality into his videos, I highly suggest you check them out.
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Roberto Blake
Roberto is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve met when it comes to making money on the internet. If you go to his YouTube channel, you will learn so much about how YouTube works, how to make a business around it. He is also the creator of Awesome Creator academy which helps influencers and entrepreneurs build their brands online.
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Evelyn From The Internets
If you are looking for an internet best friend, Evelyn is the one for you. Her videos are so funny and just comforting to watch.
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Steven Bartlett
Steven is and entrepreneur and the co-founder of The Social Chain. If you enjoy profiles like Tony Robbins or Lewis Howes, I’d recommend giving Steven a follow.
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Shan Boodram
Shan is a certified sexologist and she makes educational videos on YouTube. She’s very real, very raw. She doesn’t make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. If you want to learn more about sex in a healthy way, give Shan a follow!
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Kayla Nicole Jones
Nicole is so incredibly funny, her Instagram makes me laugh so much. You have probably seen memes with her in them. If you like to laugh, you definitely need to check her out and give her a follow.
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